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For our official public release of Pain-Free Fat Loss, we're offering the whole program for $47 (includes free upgrades and website access).

This is our "early bird" special, in effect.

After that, we're shutting down membership entry to get the first group started

And the price will go up to $79 when Pain-Free Fat Loss opens up again to new members.

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Our motto is...
Lose the weight... lose the inflammation... lose the pain.

If this resonates with you, I hope you'll join us.

See you on the inside.

-Brendan Hall
Editor, Pain-Free Fat Loss

Director of Research & Development


If you're on the fence, I totally get it. We're asking for your commitment. But I tell you what... give it a shot. You've made it this far for a reason. Get the book, read it, and then decide whether you want to continue.

But something tells me you'll have a "holy moly" moment once you see how our recommendations fundamentally change the way you think about nutrition.


“this sounds like a lot of reading.. and work..?”

We ruthlessly cut down Pain-Free Fat Loss to contain only vital information so you understand how your metabolism works, and how you can master it.

The supplemental guides and online resources make incorporating the PFL principles into your daily routine even easier. 

You won’t have a problem consuming the material we’ve put together for you.

“Is this another short-term, crash diet?”
It’s the opposite of a crash diet. It’s the way the human body was designed to eat. You can follow the basic PFL principles for a lifetime to stay lean, healthy and energetic. And it allows you to eat dinners out with friends, cook the food you love, and still have wiggle room for splurges

“Will this work with my busy schedule? And with my family’s schedule?”
We designed PFL to save time.

Our exercise therapy clients can’t afford to fail, or they risk further injury and debilitating pain levels that will only get worse.

So we design our nutrition protocols be as fool-proof as possible, and easy to implement into a busy routine.

“What is intermittent fasting? How does it help with inflammation?”
Intermittent fasting is basically going for an extended period of time without eating.

It helps activate your body’s natural cell cleaning process called autophagy.

We advocate a type of modified intermittent fasting that won’t leave you hungry and drained of energy like most fasting programs do.

“How does Pain-Free Fat Loss differ from other intermittent fasting programs?”
PFL utilizes the shortest fasting window possible while still getting all the benefits of longer fasts. 

Also, we recommend a morning drink that curbs your appetite without sabotaging your fast.

But more importantly, our modified version of fasting gives you all the benefits of traditional fasting without leading to adrenal fatigue and burnout.

“If I’ll be going for longer periods of time without eating, won’t my energy levels tank?
Quite the opposite! You’ll feel more energized and productive than ever in the mornings. Many people report a “crash” in the afternoon on a fasting regimen. But, we’ve figured out that your first afternoon meal is the culprit. Follow our meal plan and you’ll have energy all day long.

“This sounds like the exact opposite of what I’ve been told…”
In many cases, it is. But when you see the research studies we’ve deciphered for you, you’ll agree that the scientific community is on our side. Plus, everything popular is wrong... right?

“How does the program work?”
After completing your purchase on the next page, you’ll have immediate access to the ebook and online material.

First, read through the ebook Pain-Free Fat Loss.
This will walk you through how to setup your meal plan.

We’ll follow up via email to make sure you’re on track, and provide helpful tips at common sticking points.

“Is my payment and information safe with you?”

Yes, we take great care to guard your information. Our website is certified level 1 PCI and DSS compliant—this means we adhere to strict, uniform security policies to protect your personal information and the security of our sites.

Our checkout page uses multiple layers of website security, including McAfee® Anti-virus software and Sucuri® Website Security. We are also an verified merchant—which means your payment information is guarded against misuse.

“What kind of results can I expect?”

Instead of trying to convince you that you’ll see amazing results no matter what (which I can’t honestly say—everyone is different), I’d like to point you to our refund policy.

You have a full 90 days to try it out with no risk. If you’re not happy, just contact us through this website or through email, and we’ll take care of your refund right away.

More details from the Pain-Free Fat Loss book:

  • (page 38) why low carbohydrates are superior for weight loss and appetite (AND what often makes low carbohydrate diets fail)
  • (page 77) the three best "natural/artificial" sweeteners (these three taste great, have research to prove their safety, and won’t negatively impact your diet)
  • (page 87) the four rules for eating big, high-carbohydrate dinners without gaining fat

  • (page 121) how to “cheat your system” – how eating 1000+ calorie meals can boost your metabolism without causing weight gain (PFL Advanced)

  • (page 88) A primer on Ketogenic Diets, and why following a ketogenic diet is probably not a sustainable solution for you (the big problem with ketogenic diets)

  • (page 41) what % of your total calories should come from fat, and how to accomplish that without counting calories

  • (page 100) a simple method for assembling your perfect eating plan

  • (page 117) Pre-workout and post-workout nutrition – for athletes and people who exercise several times per week (PFL Advanced)

  • (page 127) simple meal templates to build your own meal plans from

  • (page 131) common mistakes and what to do if your weight loss plateaus

  • (page 134) the best supplements for fat loss, muscle growth, energy, pain relief, and immune support

  • (page 140) private link to the Member’s Only bonuses page of

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