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Pain Free Fat Loss Reviews

Read reviews, see Before & After Pictures, from real Pain Free Fat Loss clients

We've had several requests to post reviews from people who have been through the Pain-Free Fat Loss program.

So we contacted some of our clients who’ve been through the program, and asked them what they value most about Pain-Free Fat Loss.

This page will help you get answers to questions like:

How much weight loss can I expect?
How long will it take to see results?
When will I start to see pain-relief benefits?
.. Lower inflammation levels?

This is from our client Tracey in Stuart, FL — who lost a staggering 75 pounds using the PFL principles:

Pain-Free Fat Loss review - client testimonial

Before & After: Pain-Free Fat Loss client, Tracey (these pictures span about 2 years apart)

   At my heaviest, I was 220 pounds.
Over the course of two years, I was able to get down to 145.

My biggest problems have always been portion control, grazing, and sweets.
I never realized how much the constant snacking adds up in terms of calories. Or how those “healthy” snacks were making me hungrier later on.

With Pain-Free Fat Loss, I’m much more satisfied after every meal, so I don’t feel the need to snack or overeat later. And my energy is way higher. 
Since there’s some flexibility, I can still indulge every now and then in my favorite sweets.

Tracey M., Stuart, FL

And Rashel in Clayton, CA was looking for a diet to help with issues related to her high inflammation levels: 

Pain-Free Fat Loss review - client testimonial for inflammation

Before & After: Pain-Free Fat Loss client, Rashel (20 pounds lighter and pain-free)

   I have multiple issues related to inflammation and was searching for a low inflammation diet when I came across Pain-Free Fat Loss.

I didn’t see much a difference the first two weeks. But I kept following the system, and listened to the advice from the follow up Accountability Emails — those were super helpful... normalizing and providing input at just the right times. 

After those first 2 weeks, I started losing... and lost consistently over the next couple months. I started at 148 (actually fluctuated between 146-151).

My current weight is 128. I haven’t weighed under 130 in decades. I was amazed at how quickly the process became routine.

People kept asking me what I was doing and if I was starving! Nope!! I was (am) never hungry.
I really appreciated the advice not to be too rigid... that this is about the long haul... that has really helped me.

I’ve told so many people about PFL. Not sure if they just think it’s too good to be true… But I have told everyone that the explanations you give for why you make the recommendations just make so much sense. I personally find it easier to follow through when I understand why it’s working. I also tell people that it really was pain-free!!

Rashel S., Clayton, CA

You'll notice something in the client testimonial above that you don't see often...

Rashel had a long-term mindset from the beginning.
Even when she didn't see immediate results.

But because she understood the PFL principles after reading the book (and believed in them), she stuck with the program

Then, two weeks later, weight started falling off.

It's important to recognize this. Because if you search around, you'll find some examples of people getting dramatic results the first week.

If that doesn't happen for you, don't fret. Stick with it.

The weight loss will come, and with it you'll get the relief you're looking for.

But, we do have to admit... many people see results right away.

Like Joy.

Who emailed us after only a few days of following PFL.

Like other clients who have achieved massive success, she followed the system and didn't obsess about her weight the first week:

Pain Free Fat Loss review client testimonial joy

Then, a few days later, Joy weighed herself for the first time:

pain free fat loss reviews joy part 2

12 pounds the first week! Not bad.

Like I said, this is not uncommon.

And with that amount of weight loss, inflammation plummets..
and so does joint pain.

This is from another client, Ana.  

In addition to losing several pounds the first week, she noticed joint pain relief the first week:

Ana G pain free fat loss testimonial

Note: Sleep is a common pain-point with our clients. In the chapter on meal timing, you'll learn how our recommendations for dinner help improve sleep quality.

Our client Heather, a former marathon runner and fitness junkie,  also saw impressive results after one week. Both in terms of weight loss AND inflammation/pain.

She posted on our group Facebook page about her first week:

Heather pain free fat loss review

One of the biggest weaknesses of "dieting" in general is how it interferes with your personal life.

Many people put off weight loss and addressing joint problems because they simply don't want to deal with the hassle.

First of all — this is important. You have to make it a priority.
Secondly — this program is designed to make your life easier.
Not only that, you'll have more energy.

Our client Heather follows what we call "Breakfast Template 1" — and her energy is through the roof:

pain-free fat loss program review heather part 2

You may have noticed that these reviews came from women...

What about guys? Does PFL work for guys?

Well, we wanted to feature some of our female clients' success stories because people often make the mistake of assuming that Pain-Free Fat Loss is designed for men.

(Maybe because of our sports nutrition and exercise therapy background?)

But the truth is, about 70% of our clients are female.

PFL works for men AND women.

In fact, we have several athletes who have switched over from more extreme diets like the Warrior Diet and Anabolic Diet.

Like Rob Knight (Fort Lauderdale, FL) who finally found a simplified way of staying lean and keeping his joints pain-free:

   I'm the type of person to overcomplicate things like training and nutrition. 

I hate not being able to eat my favorite foods, and don’t do well on restrictive programs.

PFL allows me to enjoy big dinners with my family, and not be that weird guy that brings his food with him to restaurants..

I've tried the Atkins Diet, the Anabolic Diet, the Warrior Diet and the Paleo Diet.
This was by far the easiest to follow, and has produced the best results so far.

Robert Knight, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Other guys like Pain-Free Fat Loss for its simplicity.
Like John R., who got relief from his arthritis pain in around 10 days:

   I think the pain relief started about 10 days to 2 weeks in. 
I lost 15 pounds and two belt-loops in about a month.

It's straightforward. Just a matter of sticking to it!

John R., Gulf Shores, AL

Or Mike F., who didn't have much weight to lose. But wanted to address his joint pain and low energy levels:

   I liked the emphasis on fats and protein, wanted to see if that kind of diet would give me more energy; it has. 
Also it has reduced joint pain.
I started losing weight in the first week.

Over the approximately four + months I've been on the program I've lost 8-9 pounds, which is about all I wanted to lose. I was more concerned with solving the joint pain.

Joint pain is down, energy is up. So I’m happy.

Mike F., Lakewood, CO

We even got the "thumbs up" from forward-thinking dietitians.

This is from Alyssa Bird—a Registered Dietitian from Wroxton, Maryland—who was intrigued by our research and wanted to learn more about how to incorporate these principles in her practice:

   You always hear that you have to eat breakfast, and you have to eat snacks to keep your metabolism running, and you have to eat every 3 hours. But that doesn't work with everyone. 

As a dietitian, I love that this program provides an alternative to those individuals who don’t have time to eat 6 meals a day. 

Your meal plans should always be about what works for you—not what old, broken systems recommend.

Alyssa Bird, Wroxton, MD

And finally, you'll want to hear what our client Jody Williams has to say.

Jody was a self-described "serial dieter".

Very knowledgeable about nutrition.
Had tried dozens of programs.
But nothing worked.

Because they were the wrong programs for her.

   Over the years I've read and tried so many "plans."
Large books that are packed with information.

The result? I was still overweight and out of shape, but always certain I was on the edge of a breakthrough (if I could just knuckle-down and implement all the ideas I’d read about). 

Enough already. Enter Pain-Free Fat Loss. In it, Brendan and the SaltWrap team accomplished something, in my opinion, very difficult... and very valuable:

They questioned the common knowledge on "dieting" and distilled an effective and easy to implement way of eating that staves off hunger. The fat is falling off me. So thankful to be off the gerbil wheel.

Jody Williams, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

We’ve taken years of client programming and boiled it down to the most essential techniques, foods, and recipes for maximum fat loss & pain relief.
With minimal effort.

We've cut the fat. And assembled a step-by-step, easy to follow program that shows you how to get results like those you just read about.

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