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*Results of clients who gave testimonials are not typical. Testimonials do not guarantee specific or similar results.
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General Disclaimer
The purpose of the books represented here and the corresponding website (painfreefatloss.com) are to educate readers in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle management as can reasonably be provided by a non-medical practitioner. The author is not a licensed physician or dietitian. The information contained in this book and the corresponding website was written with the understanding that the author, and any agents, shall have neither liability nor responsibility for any injury or death caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book, in or on the websites painfreefatloss.com or by other sites affiliated or linked to the book or website. None of the statements made in this book are meant to diagnose or cure any disease or ailment. The author does not prescribe anything and cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions to foods, supplements, herbs, or other ingestible products that are suggested or referenced. Before beginning any nutrition or exercise regimen, you should consult with a physician to confirm that you can safely participate in such a program.

Risk of Product Use
ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE BEGINNING A NUTRITION PROGRAM, or health behavior change program (including taking nutritional supplements and making changes to your diet). None of the plans and programs on this site have been reviewed or approved by a physician or registered dietitian. These programs and product recommendations are meant for informational purposes, and should be construed as medical advice. We are not medical professionals and nothing on this site should be construed otherwise.

There are risks associated with following the recommendations on this site for people with chronic illness, advanced age, and other common ailments not mentioned specifically on this page. It is vital that you are medically cleared by your physician before beginning any program advocated on this site, and before using any products, foods, or supplements that we recommend. All communication from us on this site and through other mediums assumes you have been medically cleared to participate in such a program. There may also be risks for apparently healthy people who follow the diet, fitness, and health behavior change advice contained in our programs and on this website.

Generally Expected results
Although we work hard to ensure our programs are fully implemented, the typical user treats online programs like ours much like they would a recreational book. Most readers skim through the program and do not implement it fully. Even when consumers fully implement our plans, sustained weight loss and relief from pain cannot be expected. This program is designed to establish healthy eating patterns and food choices that support the body’s natural processes for managing inflammation levels and a healthy weight. Reports of speedy weight loss or instant or fast pain relief from any source should be eye suspiciously, and should be regarded as the exception rather than the rule. Consumer who use our products should not have expectations of weight loss, pain relief, or improvements in other health markers without following the advice of a board certified physician and using common sense and moderation to establish healthy, sustainable behaviors. It is possible that you will gain weight or experience increases in pain levels, or experience other negative outcome from following the advice in our programs. We do not guarantee any specific results from following our programs.

Testimonials Disclaimer
Testimonials found on this website regarding our programs are unverified results that have been forwarded to us online or posted on public message boards or review sites. These testimonials may not reflect the typical experience of our users. They also may not apply to the average person or to you if you have specific health needs or illnesses. These testimonials do not guarantee that you will experience similar results. Testimonials provided are best-case results that the program has produced, and should note be taken as typical results from our users.