Inflammation, Weight Gain & Pain:
A Vicious Cycle

How to Build an Anti-inflammatory Diet. 
And Why Meal Timing is the Most Important Factor for Reducing Inflammation and Losing Weight

from SaltWrap Biolabs - Exercise & Nutrition Therapy

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Example - Pain-Free Fat Loss

The Inflammation/Weight Gain/Pain Cycle

We're seeing an epidemic of serious inflammation problems with clients in our practice.

It's not easy to spot.
At first glance.

Inflammation itself is a bit intangible (to the untrained eye).

But if you suffer with joint and muscle pain.

You’re always tired.

Or have stomach issues like cramps, bloating, diarrhea or constipation—you likely have an inflammation problem that needs addressed.

And if you've put on weight... 

Or are carrying an extra 10+ pounds around, then you almost surely have an inflammation problem that needs addressed.

A new study published in Obesity (Silver Spring 2017) showed that a pro-inflammatory diet was associated with higher risk of obesity.

As you'll see, inflammation and weight gain are closely related.
(in fact, they cause one another.)

In this article, you'll learn how to reduce inflammation (and your waist line) with natural, anti-inflammatory foods.

And a few tweaks to your normal routine.

Now these aren’t the only signs of high inflammation, but they’re the most common. 

And they’re the ones that can wreck your life.

Without energy, it’s tough to get anything done—let alone enjoy your family or favorite hobbies. 

(This is the most common early symptom we see with clients in our exercise therapy practice.)

Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Better Energy Levels, Pain Relief

And then there's the joint and muscle issues. 

If you suffer from joint and muscle pain, it can be excruciating to do normal activities.
And this doesn’t get any better with age.

This is the real “canary in the coal mine

—if you have tense, painful muscles and joints—then you can bet there is an inflammation problem that isn’t going to get better on its own.

We've gotten good at recognizing these symptoms early.
Before it starts spiraling out of control.

But for many clients, we don't have to read between the lines.

We try to be as direct as possible about the issue:
If you're overweight, you've got an inflammation problem. Period.

But there’s good news.

By addressing it with anti-inflammatory foods and smart eating tactics, you can alleviate or even reverse many of these issues.

I’ll show you the three best diet strategies for lowering inflammation, reducing pain levels, and shedding excess body fat. 

These will be in stark contrast to what you’ve been told by mainstream medicine and mainstream fitness… (I’ll explain why in a second).

I’ll also show you what foods to avoid.

But more importantly—and less obvious—is the TYPE of eating you must avoid.

It involves some particularly bad advice around meal frequency—or how often to eat.

"If you’ve tried other diets or natural remedies before… with dismal results… there’s a reason for that."

If you've tried other diets or natural remedies with dismal results...there's a reason for that.

Here’s why:

If you have high levels of inflammation, an injury, or suffer with joint/muscle pain— have different dietary needs. 

You also have different nutrition requirements for optimal energy levels, mood, and weight loss outcomes.

Following the standard advice of "exercise more, eat less" doesn't work for you.

(keep reading to learn how pain-free fat loss can work for you)

 This is NOT how an anti-inflammatory diet is supposed to look.

You even need to eat differently in order to ensure a good night’s sleep (more on that in a minute—we have a trick that works wonders for our clients, helping them pass out as soon as their head hits the pillow).

But before we dive in, a little about us.

My name is Brendan Hall.

I’m the Director of Research & Development for SaltWrap Biolabs.

SaltWrap started out as a small group of fitness professionals specializing in therapeutic and corrective exercise—working with physical therapy facilities and one-on-one clients.

The guys at SaltWrap brought me on to oversee all their new research and nutrition protocols. 

With a background in Human Biology and Pharmaceutical Science, my job is to make sure the team’s recommendations are “up to code”—providing an extra layer of safety and research support.

"Our mission is to provide you with the tools to heal yourself—whether you’ve been injured, are suffering from fatigue, or have some muscle imbalances and painful joints that need attention."

While most fitness and nutrition companies around us are focused ONLY on enhancing performance and helping you look good naked…

We focus on sustainable fitness and health.

Ways for you to do the activities you love without pain or injury.

And get stronger, leaner, more functional..

but never sacrifice your long term health.

That’s what we’re all about.

We want to be your most trusted source for therapeutic fitness advice.

You only get one body in this life. And we want to help you take care of it.

But it’s funny—most people are surprised to learn that the first thing we.. (the trainers at SaltWrap).. focus on with 95% of our clients who are in pain is … weight loss.

At first glance, it doesn’t make sense.

Our specialty is designing therapeutic fitness protocols for people who are in pain, injured, or working to overcome performance barriers...

So why the focus on weight loss?

First, it’s what most of our clients really want.

Even if they come to us for exercise therapy.

Lose Fat with Anti-inflammatory Diet Pain-Free Fat Loss

In an ongoing survey we run on our website (, 53.68% of participants rated “lose fat” as their #1 most important goal.

Secondly, it’s what most of our clients actually need.
Even if they don’t know it.

According to, a man who is just 10 pounds overweight (which means most people) has an additional 40 pounds of pressure on his knees.7

That’s a lot of stress for one little joint!

Knee Pain and Anti-inflammatory Foods

10 lbs. of excess weight = 40 lbs. of pressure on knees (

But it’s not just your knees that take punishment.

It’s your entire spine, your organs, and even your hormonal systems.

I don't need to go into the other reasons why weight loss NEEDS to be a priority for some people.

But as a quick reminder, the scientific community is clear on this:

Being overweight shortens your life 
(see NHS study "Obesity could 'rob you' of 20 years of health"). 

Maybe even worse, it destroys your quality of life.

Your mobility.

Your ability to breathe normally.

Your ability to move pain-free through life.

It puts you at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

There's NO more important issue to address than weight loss.

This is why we focus on weight loss FIRST with our clients who are in pain.

Before anything else.

And to be clear, we're not talking about fitting into your old skinny jeans.

We're talking about a therapeutic issue.

Sure, losing weight would solve most of your problems.

But it's not that simple, is it?

Typical low-calorie diets don't work for you.

That's because typical diets don't address the root of the problem.

Not to worry though.

We got you covered.

Keep reading to see exactly how we break the cycle of Inflammation/Weight Gain/Pain.

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