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The Inflammation Quiz

The Inflammation Quiz from Pain-Free Fat Loss

The Inflammation QuizConcerned about your inflammation levels?Take our Inflammation Quiz at the link below.Learn what factors are attributed to high inflammation, and what you can do about it.>> Continue to the Inflammation QuizAbout: We developed the Inflammation Quiz to help you assess your lifestyle behaviors and learn more about how to implement an anti-inflammatory diet […]

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3 meals vs. 6 meals: Which is better for weight loss?

Researchers from the Obesity Society—some of the world’s leading weight loss scientists—concluded in very simple terms that eating several small meals per day actually “increases hunger and the desire to eat.” 18In this study, participants were separated into two groups: Group A consumed 3 meals per day, and Group B consumed 6 meals per day.​Both groups consumed the […]

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How Intermittent Fasting Lowers Inflammation (16 Hour Fast Example Infographic)

While most nutritionists recommend eating 4 to 7 small meals per day, we recommend compressing your “eating windows.”This allows you to eat bigger meals with less food prep, and less worry. Here’s how it works:You may have heard of Intermittent Fasting (or I.F.). It’s a type of eating that restricts food intake to a small time period […]

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