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3 meals vs. 6 meals: Which is better for weight loss?

Researchers from the Obesity Society—some of the world’s leading weight loss scientists—concluded in very simple terms that eating several small meals per day actually "increases hunger and the desire to eat." 18

In this study, participants were separated into two groups: 

Group A consumed 3 meals per day, and Group B consumed 6 meals per day.

Both groups consumed the exact same amount of food, with the only differences being the size of the meals and frequency of eating.

Group A, the group that consumed 3 larger meals per day, reported less hunger and a lower desire to eat! 

Not what you’d expect, since most nutritionists recommend eating a small meal every few hours.

And this is not an isolated study. 

There are many respected publications that have shown similar findings.
Studies from the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, and research published in the prestigious British Journal of Nutrition came to the same conclusion:

Eating more frequently throughout the day demonstrates zero weight loss enhancing effects.” 19

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Study shows lower meal frequency may improve weight loss efforts

This doesn’t mean you have to eat 3 meals per day necessarily—but it disproves one of the fundamental components of conventional dieting wisdom:

...that you have to eat several small meals each day to lose weight.

There is credible, scientific research out there telling you to do the exact opposite of what mainstream fitness and diet programs recommend.

Besides—your metabolism actually burns MORE calories during a short-term fast.

A study published in the American Journal of Physiology showed that after a 48-hour fast,patients burned 3.6% more calories! 21

Even after 2 full days without food, these people didn’t experience a drop in metabolic output. Instead, they experienced an uptick in calorie burning power.

So you’ll be just fine going for a few hours without food. 

Your metabolism won’t come to a screeching halt, and you won’t lose all your muscle mass.

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